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Auto Insurance Leads:

At we focus on car insurance and car insurance only.  We are not an online insurance agency and we do not sell insurance.  We are experts in online marketing and we provide quality auto insurance leads to insurance agents.  We generate all of our leads from websites that we own and/or operate.  We do not buy leads from other sources and we do not recycle old leads.  Our leads are distributed to a maximum of 4 insurance agents.  Agents gain access to our leads by paying a flat monthly subscription fee. (see fee schedule below) We maintain a great deal of control over the quality of lead we provide.  


Our Program Is Different:

Here’s how it works; we generate auto insurance leads online and electronically deliver each lead to a maximum of 4 insurance agents, each agent representing different insurance companies.  Insurance agents pay a monthly subscription fee to join our network and receive our leads.  Individual subscription levels determine the minimum number of leads each agent is guaranteed to receive.  Our goal is to bring agents high quality leads from consumers who are sincerely interested new insurance however, our program is not designed to accommodate the needs of every agent.  The following are the primary things that make us different:



1.)  There are no filters for our leads.  

Agents will receive a mixture of preferred, standard, and non-standard drivers and leads will come from anywhere in the State which the agent is licensed.  Because our program is subscription based; when an agent receives a lead that they are not interested in working they can simply delete the lead and go about there business, another lead will follow shortly.  If you are an agent who only wants leads of certain quality or from specific geographic areas (zip codes or cities) then our program is not for you.  



2.)  There is no "credit" for bad leads.  

Our program is subscription based, there is no cost per lead and therefor there are no "refunds/credit" for bad leads.  Each subscription level includes an allowance of "additional" leads to account for "bad" leads agents may receive.  If an agent receives a "bad" lead they simply delete the lead and go about their business, another lead will follow shortly.


3.)  Better Value - good quality leads for a low average cost.  The primary reason our leads are a better value is because we only distribute our leads to 4 Agents MAXIMUM.  This provides agents a much higher close ratio.  Almost all other lead providers distribute leads to at least 8 agents as well as the direct writers such as Geico, esurance, and others.  

Our monthly subscription levels start at just $399.(see below)



How Much Does It Cost?

Our program is a 30 day subscription that begins the day you pay your subscription fee. 

There is no sign-up fee, no commitment beyond 30 days, and no fee to cancel.

$399 -  Minimum 50 leads guaranteed (Target 75 - NO maximum)

$749 -  Minimum 100 leads guaranteed (Target 150 - NO maximum)

$999 -  Minimum 150 leads guaranteed (Target 225 - NO maximum)

$1299 -Minimum 200 leads guaranteed (Target 300 - NO maximum)

(Larger volumes available by request)


 Our As We view agents as partners rather than transactions.