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Car Insurance With A DUI / DWI


If you have been convicted of Driving Under The Influence ( DUI ) or Driving While Intoxicated ( DWI ) and need car insurance then you are finding out that auto insurance is pretty expensive.  Also, the price from insurance company to insurance company varies tremendously.  You probably find yourself asking, "How can I find cheap car insurance with a DUI - DWI" or "Is there such thing as Low Price Auto Insurance when I have a DUI DWI".  If you find yourself asking these questions the answers are yes, you can find cheap car insurance with a DUI or DWI and yes, there is such a thing as low price auto insurance with a DUI or DWI.  All you need to do is have someone who is a specialist in working with DUI car insurance shop multiple companies and find you the best coverage for the cheapest price.  In many cases you can save up to 35% on car insurance even with a DUI, DWI, or require an SR-22

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