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Factors That Determine The Price For Car Insurance


How are car insurance prices determined?  The amount you pay for car insurance is specified from a combination of many factors. Every company has its own method of determining costs, so it is important to get multiple car insurance quotes. If you have multiple cars or drivers on your policy, you will probably receive a discount. If your vehicle is equipped with safety and/or anti-theft devices it will probably qualify you for other discounts. Insurance companies have been known to take your occupation into consideration when determining the cost of premium. People who drive from place to place such as repairmen or delivery drivers have a greater chance of being in a collision than someone who stays in one place all day when they are working. Having a low annual driving average can lower prices. Check with your agent if you do not drive to work on a regular basis or are involved in a carpool. Most companies will offer low mileage discounts to customers that drive less than 5,000 to 7,000 miles a year. Maintaining a good credit history will help keep costs reduced. Many things are taken into consideration when determining price. All factors lead back to one thing, risk. If you are riskier to insure, you will pay more.