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Trying a few of these simple tips can save you hundreds of dollars each and every month.  Times are tough and a lot of people are finding that they have less income these days.  Many people are out of work and more and more people are working less than full time. One of the fastest and easiest ways to help ends meet is by reducing your expenses.  Cutting expenses with your money is actually better than earning extra money because when you earn “extra money” you need to pay tax on that money.  You don’t need to pay any additional taxes by reducing expenses.  When it comes to reducing your expenses there are several small things you can do that can have a big impact.

Switch and Save: One of the easiest ways to reduce your expenses is to follow the advice pounded into you every single day.  All day, every day, insurance companies are telling you how fast and easy it is to save hundreds of dollars on car insurance. Believe them, it’s true! You may not even need to switch to a different company.  All you need to do is get several quotes from other companies, this can all be done online in minutes. Find the cheapest car insurance in your State. Once you have seen what the other companies will offer then simply contact you existing company and ask them what they can do.  If you tell you nothing then why not switch.  If they want to keep your business then they will work with you to try and save some money. You hear about it every day; switching your car insurance can save you hundreds of dollars.  It’s true! Take a few minutes to shop and compare the price you pay for car insurance. Many people are able to cut $30-$75 per month from this expense.

Try To Budget: Be conscience of what you are spending your money on.  Are you buying things that you can do without?  One less coffee per day saves $40+ dollars a month.  Do you drink energy drinks? Are you addicted or can you be a little tired in the afternoon? People that drink energy drinks daily spend $50-$150 per month just to “believe” they are more energized.

Watch What You Spend: When you buy groceries, the extra thinks like chips, pop, snacks, “extras”, look specifically for the items on sale and buy several of them.  If they are not on sale then don’t buy them.  Many people spend hundreds of dollars a month extra on food they don’t need.  The same is true with auto insurance, don't spend extra money for things you don't need.

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