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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Rates Cars for Safety

The safety rating of the vehicle you are driving will affect the price of your car insurance. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety rates cars each year for safety in auto collisions. The IIHS ascertains how well individuals are shielded when a collision occurs. The institute uses a combination of test results to rate vehicles as either good, acceptable, marginal or poor. Four different tests are performed on vehicles to assign a rating to a vehicle. Crash tests are executed on high speed crashes from both the front and side impact point. A rollover test is given as well. Assessments are done on how well head restraints defend against neck injuries if the auto is hit from behind. The institute forms a top safety pick list each year on the results of these tests. A vehicle must receive a good rating in all tests in order to be placed on the top safety pick list. Contact the IIHS to receive a copy of the top safety pick autos.