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Car Insurance Personal Injury Protection ( PIP )


A crucial part of a car insurance policy is personal injury protection or (PIP). Every state has different PIP benefits. In Oregon it will cover injuries to the policy holder and members of the policy holder's family that reside in the same home, including step children and adopted children. Coverage will apply to people who are riding in the auto that is insured. A pedestrian that is injured when hit by an insured vehicle is protected under the PIP benefits. PIP will cover medical, hospital, dental, surgical and ambulance costs which are necessary for Oregon Car Insurance. Other PIP benefits include loss of wages due to the accident. Funeral benefits can also be part of PIP coverage. PIP coverage can become especially important if you are hit by a hit and run driver or an under or uninsured motorist. PIP coverage will come into place whether you are at fault or not. So, if the driver that hits you is uninsured, you will still have the peace of mind in knowing that you have coverage.