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Alabama Car Insurance

Automobile insurance is required when registering a vehicle in the state of Alabama.  The state of Alabama's law requires a motor vehicle owner to possess an auto insurance policy that includes a minimum of $25,000 Bodily Injury Liability coverage for one person in a motor vehicle accident, a minimum of $50,000 coverage for all injuries in an accident, and a minimum of $25,000 Property Damage Liability coverage; or they must possess a Motor Vehicle Liability Bond of no less than $50,000; or they must possess a Certificate of Cash Bond of no less than $50,000.

A Motor Vehicle Liability Bond must be filed with the state of Alabama's Department of Revenue's Motor Vehicle Division.  This provides an alternative to having an auto insurance liability policy.  The bond must be given by a reliable company in Alabama, and all copies of the bond must carry the vehicle's identification number.  A Certificate of Cash Bond can be obtained by depositing an amount of money with the State Treasurer and then by submitting an application for a Cash Bond Certificate including the owner's name, the vehicle identification number, and, if applicable, the Alabama certificate of title number to the Department of Revenue.

All motor vehicle operators must have proof of insurance in their vehicles at all times.  Proof of auto insurance can be provided by showing an insurance card, a certificate of liability policy, a declarations page, a premium receipt, a copy of the Motor Vehicle Liability Bond, or a copy of the Certificate of Cash Bond.  Failure to provide any of these forms of proof of insurance upon request by a law enforcement officer can result in the vehicle's registration being suspended.

The amount of time a motor vehicle's registration will be suspended and the steps to have the registration reinstated depends on the number of violations.  For a first-time offense of failing to provide proof of auto insurance, a motor vehicle owner must provide the Department of Motor Vehicles with proof of insurance and a $100 reinstatement fine payment.  In the case of a second-time offense of failing to provide proof of insurance, a motor vehicle's registration will be suspended for four months.  After that time, a motor vehicle owner may have their vehicle's registration reinstated by providing the Department of Motor Vehicles with proof of insurance and a $200 reinstatement fine payment.  Get started with your free Car Insurance Quotes Now!

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Alabama Car Insurance

Although Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville, and Tuscaloosa are the biggest cities in Alabama cheap car insurance rates vary from city to city and rates in Hoover may or may not be different than Dothan. Whether you live in Decatur, Auburn, Vestavia Hills or some other city in Alabama take 5 minutes and get free Car Insurance quotes now. If you are looking for additional ways to save take a look at our resources for finding Cheap Car Insurance in Alabama.


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