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Colorado Car Insurance

Colorado is one of the few states that has a board that monitors their insurance. DORA, or the Division Of Regulatory Agencies, is responsible for making sure that everyone in Colorado can afford cheap auto insurance and regulates how much an agency can charge. The agency is also responsible for making sure that the insurer is being properly managed and that the company providing the insurance is actually doing so. This article will address the basic facts and statistics of Colorado auto insurance in a way that anyone can understand.

The minimum amount of insurance a Colorado driver must purchase is as follows:

   1. $25,000 per person for bodily injury
   2. $50,000 per accident for bodily injury and
   3. $15,000 per accident for property damage

This is the very minimum that any driver must have. As of January 1, 2009 Colorado requires mandatory medical payment coverage for every insurance policy. However, there is a way that you can opt out of the medical payment insurance, but you must do it in writing at the time of signing your policy. The policy is to help insure that you can have cheap auto insurance instead of paying high out of pocket costs if you need to go to the doctor.

Many people don't know that they can usually save more by having full coverage insurance. With full coverage insurance, you will be prepared for any possible thing that can happen to you or your car. In some cases, you may even be covered in someone Else's car while you aren't driving. Although limited liability is cheap auto insurance, it's not the best. Unlike any other state, Colorado only offers two types of financial responsibility insurance options:

    * self service insurance, which is only available to those that own more than 25 vehicles, or
    * liability coverage, which is the most popular and is the mandatory minimum.

If you get pulled over and you don't have any proof of responsibility, there are penalties, although they are less severe than most states. These are the penalties:

First time offense: a minimum of a $500 fine, four points will be added to your driving record, and there is a possibility of suspension

Second time offense: a minimum of $1,000 fine, and four months of suspension

Third time offense: a minimum of $1,000 fine, community service and eight months of suspension

It's always a good idea to leave your car insurance card in your car and not on your person, that way you will always have it. Every time you get pulled over, your insurance goes up.
Notes: General info about the Colorado car insurance laws, rules, statistics. They can also make reference and comments about to the 10 largest cities in the state with demographics and statistics.

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Colorado Car Insurance

Although Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Lakewood, and Fort Collins are the biggest cities in Colorado cheap car insurance rates vary from city to city and rates in Thornton may or may not be different than Pueblo. Whether you live in Westminster, Arvada, Highlands Ranch or some other city in Colorado take 5 minutes and get free Car Insurance quotes now. If you are looking for additional ways to save take a look at our resources for finding Cheap Car Insurance in Colorado.


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