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Car Insurance Cheshire, Connecticut

Cheshire is one of the top cities in Connecticut with cheap car insurance.  Use our free online search tool to instantly see which companies have the cheapest car insurance in Cheshire, CT.  We have multiple car insurance specialists ready to help save you money.  Get started finding Cheap Car Insurance in Cheshire right now.  Simply enter a few pieces of basic information into our quoting system and compare price quotes online.  To get started just enter your zip code into the box above.  If you need personal assistance choose from any of the local agents listed below.

Cheap Car Insurance in Cheshire CT

Agent Phone Address
Allstate Insurance Agents
Ernie B. Plourde 203-271-1778 3 Cedar Lane
Cheshire, CT 06410
William Barber 203-271-1600 2 Town Center
Cheshire, CT 06410
A. Armistead 203-697-1112 329 Main St. #103
Yalesville, CT 06492
Sean Clifford 203-575-9550 1015 Meriden Rd
Waterbury, CT 06705

Cheshire CT - History

When Cheshire was originally settled in 1694 by Europeans, it was part of the town of Wallingford and known locally as "Northfarms". In 1780, Cheshire separated from Wallingford to become its own town, and remained a small but prosperous farming town until the 1950s.

In the post-war period, Cheshire began to urbanize as residents of New Haven began moving outwards from the urban core. Several industrial plants also located themselves in one of the town's many planned industrial parks. Despite significant residential development, Cheshire has remained a highly agricultural town that has found an economic niche in producing bedding plants for local and national consumers. The town's slogan is "The Bedding Plant Capital of Connecticut".

Connecticut's 2nd worst air disaster took place over Cheshire on January 18th 1946 when an Eastern Airlines DC-3 crashed in town. The crash occurred near Wolf Hill Road and Copper Valley Court, on land that is today occupied by a country club. All seventeen people aboard the aircraft lost their lives.