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Car Insurance East Hartford, Connecticut

East Hartford is one of the top cities in Connecticut with cheap car insurance.  Use our free online search tool to instantly see which companies have the cheapest car insurance in East Hartford, CT.  We have multiple car insurance specialists ready to help save you money.  Get started finding Cheap Car Insurance in East Hartford right now.  Simply enter a few pieces of basic information into our quoting system and compare price quotes online.  To get started just enter your zip code into the box above.  If you need personal assistance choose from any of the local agents listed below.

Cheap Car Insurance in East Hartford CT

Agent Phone Address
Allstate Insurance Agents
Jem Abassah 860-528-5643 107 Burnside Avenue
East Hartford, CT 06108
James Diaz 860-986-7411 419 Main Street
East Hartford, CT 06118
Paul Haas 860-659-1301 148 Eastern Blvd.
Suite #210, Glastonbury
Peter W. Haas 860-659-1301 148 Eastern Blvd.
Suite #210, Glastonbury
Alphonsus Aguh 860-247-0829 666 Maple Avenue
Hartford, CT 06114

East Hartford CT - Interesting Facts:

When the Connecticut Valley became known to Europeans around 1631, it was inhabited by what were known as the River Tribes — a number of small clans of Native Americans living along the Great River and its tributaries. Of these tribes the Podunks occupied territory now lying in the towns of East Hartford and South Windsor, and numbered, by differing estimates, from sixty to two hundred bowmen. They were governed by two sachems, Waginacut and Arramamet, and were connected in some way with the Native Americans who lived across the Great River, in Windsor. The region north of the Hockanum river was generally called Podunk; that south of the river, Hockanum; but these were no certain designations, and by some all the meadow along the Great River was called Hockanum.

In 1659, Thomas Burnham (1617–1688) purchased the tract of land now covered by the towns of South Windsor and East Hartford from Tantinomo, Chief sachem of the Podunk Indians. Burnham lived on the land and later willed it to his nine children. The town of Hartford once included the land now occupied by the towns of East Hartford, Manchester, and West Hartford. In 1783, East Hartford became a separate town, which included Manchester in its city limits until 1823.

Car Insurance Specialists

East Hartford branch office
1177 Main Street, 1st Floor

East Hartford, CT 06108