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Car Insurance Manchester, Connecticut

Manchester is one of the top cities in Connecticut with cheap car insurance.  Use our free online search tool to instantly see which companies have the cheapest car insurance in Manchester, CT.  We have multiple car insurance specialists ready to help save you money.  Get started finding Cheap Car Insurance in Manchester right now.  Simply enter a few pieces of basic information into our quoting system and compare price quotes online.  To get started just enter your zip code into the box above.  If you need personal assistance choose from any of the local agents listed below.

Cheap Car Insurance in Manchester CT

Agent Phone Address
Allstate Insurance Agents
Paul Cullen 860-645-7888 555 Main St
Manchester, CT 06040
Kimberly Scott 860-647-8118 360 E Center St
Manchester, CT 06040
Jane Foss 860-647-8118 360 E Center St
Manchester, CT 06040
Michael Dlubac 860-647-8118 360 E Center St
Manchester, CT 06040
Ted Zentek 860-646-1513 660 Center Street
Manchester, CT 06040

Manchester CT - Historic Info:

Manchester was settled by colonists around 1672 as a farming community. The many rivers and brooks provided power for paper, lumber and textile industries, and the town quickly evolved into an industrial center. The town of Hartford once included the land now occupied by the towns of Manchester, East Hartford, and West Hartford. In 1783, East Hartford became a separate town, which included Manchester in its city limits until 1823.

In 1838, the Cheney family started what became the world's largest silk mill. Eventually, Manchester became an ideal industrial community. The mills, houses of the owners, and homes of the workers are now part of the Cheney Brothers Historic District, a National Historic Landmark.

Also of note are the E.E. Hilliard Company Woolen Mills. Founded ca. 1780 by Aaron Buckland and later sold to the Hilliard family. The Hilliard Mills are the oldest woolen mill site in the country.