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Car Insurance Shelton, Connecticut

Shelton is one of the top cities in Connecticut with cheap car insurance.  Use our free online search tool to instantly see which companies have the cheapest car insurance in Shelton, CT.  We have multiple car insurance specialists ready to help save you money.  Get started finding Cheap Car Insurance in Shelton right now.  Simply enter a few pieces of basic information into our quoting system and compare price quotes online.  To get started just enter your zip code into the box above.  If you need personal assistance choose from any of the local agents listed below.

Cheap Car Insurance in Shelton CT

Agent Phone Address
Allstate Insurance Agents
Nancy Inglese 203-925-7600 675 Bridgeport Ave
Shelton, CT 06484
Greg M. Spruyt 203-924-8700 549 Howe Ave Ste F
Shelton, CT 06484
Kelly Spruyt 203-929-2018 525 Bridgeport Avenue
Shelton, CT 06484
Mark Weidenfeller 203-732-2323 350 West Main St.
Ansonia, CT 06401
Christopher Lyle 203-735-1845 435 New Haven Ave.
Derby, CT 06418

Shelton CT Interesting Fact

Shelton was home to one of the largest arson fires in the United States history. It happened in 1975 when the Sponge Rubber Products plant (formerly owned by B.F. Goodrich) was set on fire. Charles Moeller, president of parent company Grand Sheet Metal Products, was acquitted on arson charges, but in a civil lawsuit, a jury in 1988 ruled the insurer did not have to pay claims on the fire because a preponderance of evidence showed the company's top officials arranged the fire to claim insurance money. Eight others were convicted or pleaded guilty.

The explosion that destroyed the Sponge Rubber Plant on Canal Street in 1975 marked the start of the decline of Shelton's industries. During the remainder of the 1970s and 1980s several firms that operated factories along the banks of the Housatonic River either went out of business or relocated to areas where labor and operating costs were cheaper. In 1995, Sikorsky Aircraft closed a plant off of Bridgeport Avenue that manufactured electrical components for helicopters.