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Maine Car Insurance

Maine is one of the highest paid states in the country and has one of the highest required insurance rates as well. Being rich with such natural resources such as maple, spring water and lobster, why would Maine not want to protect their workers as they drive to work in the mornings the best that they can? Maine requires every driver to carry liability, uninsured motorists and medical payment coverage. The minimum amount you need for liability alone is as followed:

   1. $50,000 for injury to one person
   2. $100,000 for injury to more than one person, and;
   3. $25,000 for property damage

Maine also requires you to have $125,000 for uninsured motorists and $2,000 for medical payment coverage. No one is allowed to register a car unless they have all the required minimums with proof of purchase.

This kind of insurance isn't cheap. Maine doesn't really offer cheap car insurance, however you can keep the cost as low as possible if you follow some of these easy tips to keep your insurance low.

Remember that cheap car insurance is a privilege and not a requirement. Obey all traffic laws and regulations. Don't speed to work if you are running late, you will do nothing but be first to every red light.

One of the best ways to get cheap car insurance is to drive an older car. The older your car is the less likely you will be to need all the additional insurance. Most insurance prices are based on your driving record and the over all value of your car. Some places will even charge you fees for driving new cars instead of a pre-owned one.

Ask about discounts! In Maine, it is mandatory that anyone over the age of fifty-five be given a discount if they have taken the safe driver class. There are many other discounts available through most companies that will help you get cheap car insurance. Some of those discounts may include, having lower miles on your car, being a good student, having a clean driving record, and sometimes group rates if your company offers it.

Something else that you should always consider is that some insurance companies rate your insurance by your credit scores, so if you have bad credit you might want to look into having it fixed.

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Maine Car Insurance

Although Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, West Scarborough, and Sanford are the biggest cities in Maine cheap car insurance rates vary from city to city and rates in Brunswick may or may not be different than South Portland Gardens. Whether you live in Auburn, South Portland, Gorham or some other city in Maine take 5 minutes and get free Car Insurance quotes now. If you are looking for additional ways to save take a look at our resources for finding Cheap Car Insurance in Maine.


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