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New Hampshire Car Insurance

New Hampshire is one of the rare states that does not require auto insurance, however, that is definitely not a wise thing to do, insurance is protection for both you and the other party involved. The state would really like for every driver to carry some kind of insurance, even though there are no official laws on the books to do so.

If, however, a driver has had a prior conviction,, such as a DUI the state can make the convicted driver carry some form of liability insurance, the convicted driver would be notified by mail of this requirement. The driver would need to carry liability insurance for up to three years on a first conviction then five years after that. If a driver in New Hampshire is a convicted DUI and has no insurance, then their license can be revoked for a total of up to five years.

Another caveat of not having car insurance is that you could be hit by a lawsuit if you do not carry the right amount of protection.

Some ways to get the cheapest auto insurance in New Hampshire:
1. Include it in your homeowners' insurance in this way you can get a discount.
2. Get a higher deductible on your auto insurance, that will lower your premium.
3. Shop around for the best quotes either online or by phone with various insurance companies in your state.

New Hampshire follows a Tort System meaning that someone must be found at fault for causing the accident and that the driver and their insurance company will be responsible for all financial damages. This  cost will vary from state to state.  You can also get uninsured/under-insured bodily damages coverage caused by an uninsured/under-insured driver, it is highly recommended that you get this most important  insurance.

The average auto insurance for a resident of New Hampshire in 2009 was over $1600.00 whereas the national average was over $1700.00.

One last reminder, remember to carry your proof of insurance with you at all times.

In conclusion, when you consider the fact that when not carrying insurance can be more costly than having insurance, then the choice is crystal clear, carry insurance and then you know you'll be covered.

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New Hampshire Car Insurance

Although Manchester, Nashua, East Concord, Concord, and Derry Village are the biggest cities in New Hampshire cheap car insurance rates vary from city to city and rates in Rochester may or may not be different than Salem. Whether you live in Dover, Merrimack, Hudson or some other city in New Hampshire take 5 minutes and get free Car Insurance quotes now. If you are looking for additional ways to save take a look at our resources for finding Cheap Car Insurance in New Hampshire.


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