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Car Insurance Oceanside, New York

Oceanside is one of the top cities in New York with cheap car insurance.  Use our free online search tool to instantly see which companies have the cheapest car insurance in Oceanside, NY.  We have multiple car insurance specialists ready to help save you money.  Get started finding Cheap Car Insurance in Oceanside right now.  Simply enter a few pieces of basic information into our quoting system and compare price quotes online.  To get started just enter your zip code into the box above.  If you need personal assistance choose from any of the local agents listed below.

Cheap Car Insurance in Oceanside NY

Agent Phone Address
State Farm Insurance Agents
John Specce (516) 922-1060 70 E Main Street
Oyster Bay, NY 11771-2416
Jim Ackerman (516) 922-1976 1022 Route 106
East Norwich, NY 11732-1056
Richard McLean (516) 921-8288 43 Jackson Avenue
Syosset, NY 11791-3116
Suzanne Aral-Boutros (516) 671-3428 21B Cedar Swamp Road
Glen Cove, NY 11542-3755
John Callahan (631) 271-1615 294 New York Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743-3335

Oceanside New York History

Walter S. Boardman, wrote of the history of Oceanside, came to the Oceanside School District in September 1927 as high school principal. He served as Superintendent of Schools from 1940-1960. In 2000, the Oceanside Educational Foundation published a work he wrote on the history of Oceanside from the geological “birth” of Long Island to Oceanside in 1960. Oceanside High School teacher Richie Woods continued this history in his recent book, Images of America: Oceanside, New York. In Boardman’s book, he starts at the founding… The English government established a township in 1674 and land development came rapidly. Before that, this territory was called “South Bay,” as a region in the Town of Hempstead. “Christian Hook” came about from the religious connections in the young town. Very quickly did oyster sales rise in the nearby area and “Mott’s Landing” (name for Mott Street,) was the favored place to buy oysters. A new name had to be found for the town. “Oceanville” sounded better than “Christian Hook” when it came to selling oysters. It was “Oceanville Oysters” that sold, so in 1864, the new name became official. However, there was already an Oceanville in New York, so “Ocean Side” as two words was proposed and in 1890, it became official. The word was condensed to “Oceanside” in 1918, as it is used today. For a free quote for car insurance please click the green go button below.

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