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North Carolina Car Insurance

When you own and operate an automobile in North Carolina NC there are specific guidelines that you must meet as like in many states.  The guidelines for car insurance minimums are very specific for the state of North Carolina and every owner should be aware of the guidelines and the requirements for insurance purposes.  Under the law and specifically the Financial Responsibility Act of 1957 every automobile that is registered in the state of North Carolina must be covered by a liability insurance policy and it must be continuous for as long as the car is registered in your name.  When registering your vehicle you must provide proof of insurance at that time.  There are several ways to provide proof including  your insurance company name and policy number, or a certificate of insurance that is provided by your insurance company.

The minimum for liability insurance in North Carolina is $30,000 for bodily injury for one person and $60,000 for two or more people for a private passenger car.  You must also have $25,000 worth of property damage for your car for it to be legal.  If your coverage is expired or cancelled for any reason the insurance company is required to report this to the Division of Motor Vehicles in North Carolina.  It is crucial to keep your minimum requirements in tact while you hold the registration to your car.

There are many major car insurance companies that do business in North Carolina NC.  These are brand name recognizable insurance companies that have been certified by that state government and meet all the qualifications to do business within the state.  You will not have any trouble finding a reliable and secure insurance company to do business with in North Carolina.  As typical with auto insurance rates for teens can be expected to be higher as compared to adults.

Your geographic location can be a factor in determining your car insurance rates.  Although in some states it is illegal to base your insurance rates on your zip code it is a practice that is used quite frequently in the insurance business.  North Carolina is a state where the influence of where you reside can influence your insurance rates.  In the larger cities like Charlotte NC and Asheville NC you might have higher premiums based on accident rates and statistics in these cities.  It is always a wise decision to check with several insurance companies when choosing insurance coverage.  Make sure to compare rates and service terms and find the best offer that suits your needs.

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North Carolina Car Insurance

Although Charlotte, West Raleigh, Raleigh, Greensboro, and Durham are the biggest cities in North Carolina cheap car insurance rates vary from city to city and rates in Winston-Salem may or may not be different than Fayetteville. Whether you live in Cary, High Point, Wilmington or some other city in North Carolina take 5 minutes and get free Car Insurance quotes now. If you are looking for additional ways to save take a look at our resources for finding Cheap Car Insurance in North Carolina.


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