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How Will a Teenage Driver affect my Insurance Rates?


Obviously the best way to keep your teenager safe and keep your car insurance premiums low is to keep them off the streets and highways altogether, but once they start driving they need auto insurance coverage. Adding a teenage son or daughter to your family's auto insurance policy can easily double or triple your annual cost. Its simply that auto insurance rates are high because teen drivers are risky to insure.

However, there are many auto insurers who will offer a few discounts that can significantly reduce car insurance costs for your teenager. The discounts include those for good students with a B or higher grade average and safe drivers with no moving violations or at-fault accidents during the previous three years. Many insurers have also developed their own internal education courses for teens and their parents.

Although most parents are eager to find the insurance company with the lowest auto insurance rates, most agents say they shouldn't scrimp on liability coverage. At Car Insurance Specialists we feel it's important for parents to have adequate liability coverage to protect your assets. Buying liability coverage with limits of $25,000 if one person is injured, $50,000 if more than one is injured and $50,000 for property damage is common, but buying as much as $100,000/$300,000/$100,000 is even better protection.

Let us at Car Insurance Specialists help find a provider that is right for you. Simply fill out one of our easy to use quote forms. We will help you find the lowest cost insurance possible for your teenager.