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"I really enjoyed this site, it was straight and to the point. There wasn't really any unneeded advertisements or overly crowded pages. The best part of the site is that now I am going to switch my car insurance"



"Getting a quote was fast and easy. Navigating through the site is very easy.  Having no pop up ads like most other sites was very pleasing"



"I liked how it had all the different Insurance companies listed, insurance diversity so to speak. Overall everything was very good, it was a very easy to use site"



"Upon reviewing the web site,, I noticed that it is very organized. I really liked how there was a map and also each state listed below so that way a person could click on ether one to get insurance knowledge"



"I really liked that there was a questions and answers section and the answers were very detailed"



"Your site runs very smooth and seems to have very little flaws"



"The questions and answers link is very smart"



"Not only did your site give me information about my particular state’s regulations and policies it had a list along the side of quite a few insurance agencies you could click on to get more information. Honestly, I can’t see anything I didn’t like about the website. Even the color scheme was pleasing!"



"I really liked how after I selected my state (I like the interactive map so I just have to click), it pulled up a page with lots of information about car insurance in my state including laws and statistics, very cool"



"I enjoy the way it is set up as well, the colors are nice and there are many, many cities to choose from on the side. After I clicked on my city it gave me a nice list of insurance companies with their pictures next to it and an easy green button next to it where I just hit "go"! So simple"



"I would definitely choose this site for Car Insurance Quotes!"



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